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1. Workshops

1.1 The current Workshop Schedule can always be found on the Website. YARAYOGA reserves the right to change the schedule at any time. If possible, any changes are announced in advance by mentioning them on the Website and/or by email.

1.2 YARAYOGA reserves the right to cancel a scheduled Workshop in the event of force majeure (including illness of the relevant teacher) or in case of not enough participants. In this case, the registration fee already paid is refunded.

2. Liability

2.1 YARAYOGA accepts no liability whatsoever for physical injury, loss or damage relating to a Student attending yoga classes, Workshops or Retreats at YARAYOGA

2.2 YARAYOGA works with certified yoga teachers and always ensures high-quality yoga classes and workshops. Even so, a Student always runs the risk of receiving an injury during a yoga class or workshop. By participating in a yoga class, workshop or Retreat at YARAYOGA, the Student accepts this risk of an injury. YARAYOGA provides the following guidelines for reducing the risk of an injury:

  • Always consult a doctor before starting yoga classes if you are not sure that you are completely healthy or if you are pregnant.
  • If you have an injury or any other physical inconvenience, always inform your yoga teacher about this before starting the yoga class.
  • Listen to and follow the instructions of the relevant yoga teacher.
  • Perform the yoga exercises carefully and bear your physical limitations in mind.
  • Do not perform any yoga exercises that are painful.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand an exercise.
  • Avoid inverted poses during menstruation.